3 Super Quick Halloween Crafts

There are so many fantastic Halloween crafts out there and I have been inspired to try a few myself, with the help of the children of course!

Here are 3 that were very easy, cheap and quick to do;

Milk Ghosts

Empty Milk Carton
Permanent Marker
Glow Sticks

Wash milk carton out
Remove label
Draw a spooky (or not so spooky if you prefer) face on the front of the carton with a permanent marker
Snap a couple of glow sticks and drop them inside




Jam Jar Fiends

Empty Jam Jar
Paint in Halloween colours (orange, purple, green etc)
Permanent Marker
Glow sticks

Wash the jam jar out and dry it fully
Pour some paint into the jar (I used some paint from the kids’ craft box rather than a specific type of paint)
Use the paintbrush to paint the inside of the jar
Allow the paint to dry
Use the permanent marker to draw a spooky face on the side of the jar
Snap a couple of glow sticks and place them inside the jar


Jam Jar Craft, Simple Halloween Craft,


Glittery Munchkins

I found these super cute munchkins at the farm shop when we were buying our pumpkins, and at 60p each I couldn’t resist buying a couple!

PVA glue
Glitter in Halloween colours
Paper plate or newspaper

Give the munchkin a wash if needed and leave to dry
Place the munchkin on either a paper plate or some newspaper
Use the paintbrush to paint glue all over the munchkin
Sprinkle glitter all over the munchkin
Leave to dry


The children really enjoyed getting involved in these crafts and they liked the fact that it didn’t take long to see the finished product.

What have you made for Halloween?

Happy Halloween everyone!

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