Favourite Family Board Games

There is nothing better to do on a cold and dreary evening than playing a board game with the family. They are a great way to spend time together having fun (although I must admit it does get a little competitive in our house!)   We have so many games and love trying new ones, but we thought we would share some of our favourites with you.

Board games also make great Christmas presents, so hopefully these might inspire you if you are stuck for a gift idea for someone.


Pictureka, Cluedo, Uno, Dominoes, Don't Laugh, Game of Life, Articulate for Kids, Rapidough, Disney Trivial Pursuit, Wordsearch

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  1. Game of Life – we have the Adventures Edition but all variations are fun to play and quite easy for most ages to join in with.
  2. Articulate for Kids – you have to try to describe the word that it is on the card but without using specific words, it’s harder than you think! 
  3. Dominoes – we love a game of good old fashioned dominoes and it is a nice game that all ages can play.  It’s great for building numeracy skills in younger children too.
  4. Wordsearch – this is another game that gets a bit competitive in our house.  This is good for building literacy skills (don’t you just love it when they’re learning without realising?!)
  5. Disney Trivial Pursuit – this is harder than it looks, as it includes a lot of older Disney films too. 
  6. Don’t Laugh – you mustn’t laugh at the silly sounds.  Be warned, it brings out the child in everyone no matter how hard you try not to laugh.
  7. Rapidough – a firm favourite in our house!  Make your model out of dough but if you’re not fast enough be prepared to lose some of your dough.
  8. Uno – an all time favourite and another one that suits pretty much all ages. 
  9. Pictureka – this is addictive!  You have to find the random items on the boards, believe me it is much harder than you think it is – especially when you’re up against the timer.
  10. Cluedo – we love Cluedo and it always reminds me of playing it with my family when I was a child.


So there you go, our top 10 games!  We hope we’ve inspired you to play a game or two on these cold winter nights.  What is your favourite family game to play?


Disclaimer; These are my own opinions, I was not asked to recommend or review these by anybody.




    • dreamingofwdw says:

      It doesn’t matter if you get the answers wrong, it’s all about having fun! We combine the Disney questions with the normal Trivial Pursuit so that the kids can join in when the adults are playing, they just get Disney questions instead of general knowledge questions :)

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hi xx

    • dreamingofwdw says:

      There’s quite a few versions of Game of Life now, my daughter has just been given the Fame edition for her birthday, but we haven’t had a chance to try that one yet.

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hi xx

  1. MapleMouseMama says:

    We are just starting to play more board games as a family now. It was hard when William was younger, but now he has more fun with it! I have already purchased a new one for under our tree, but I am throwing in a bit of “schooling” this time. I bought Scrabble Junior, LOL :-)

    • dreamingofwdw says:

      Isn’t that the best thing about board games – you are educating them without them even realising! Have fun playing Scrabble xx

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