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This giveaway has now ended.  Thank you to everybody who took the time to enter, I loved reading all of your comments. Please check back soon for another giveaway xx


I am a stationery geek – I love the stuff!  Pens, pencils, sticky notes, little pots of paperclips, you name it I love it, but my absolute favourites are notebooks and diaries, so when the lovely peeps at  asked me if I would like to make my own planner I jumped at the chance!

The first thing was to pick a design for the front cover.  I chose to upload a picture of my gorgeous kids, because I think they are scrumptious and I love seeing their little faces smiling back at me!

Personal Planner, Personalised, Diary, Stationery, Photos

Next up was the design for the back cover, I went with a photo of Cindy’s castle that I had taken when we were in Walt Disney World a few years ago.  It’s my happy place and looking at this photo makes me smile, even on a really bad day.

Personal Planner, Personalised, Diary, Cinderella's Castle, Stationery

I was then able to pick the design of the pages inside.  I went with pink (of course!) and four cute little birds at the top – one for each of us.  I opted to have a ‘To Do’ list at the bottom of the page, although at the moment I feel like I could do with the whole page being a to do list! I also chose a little box for idea of the week, so that I could jot down any birthday or Christmas gift ideas I had, plus any blog ideas that popped into my head too.

Personalised Planner, Diary, Stationery, Personalised, Pink

In the back of the planner I chose to have maps of the world, because I love maps too – plus they’ve been really handy to settle a few disputes as to where certain places are!

For my last pages I opted for blank paper because as a mum there are times when I need my kids to be really quiet, and a bit of blank paper and a pen can be a miracle in times like those.

Personal Planner, Personalised, Maps, World Maps, Stationery, Diary



Ends: November 8th 2013

If you would like to win a personal planner of your own, simply use the Rafflecopter form below (refresh the page if you can’t see it) and leave me a comment telling me what picture you would put on the front of your planner.

Good luck!

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  1. MapleMouseMama says:

    Great giveaway Sam and I love how you have created your own. Now that makes a statement :-) I know I can’t enter, but if I were to make on the photo I would choose for my cover would be of kids on Canada Day, with a giant flag behind them!


    • Support says:

      Hi Suz, that sounds like a great pic – did I see it on your blog recently? You always have such lovely photos on your blog!

      Thanks for stopping by and sorry you can’t enter :(

      Sam xx

  2. Helen Porter says:

    my mum works in an office and would use this everyday it would be a great Christmas gift so I would put a picture of the boys her grandsons on the front x

  3. carrie Hamilton says:

    I would put a picture of my daughter, Daisy with my mum & the word “Grandma”.She too, is a stationery geek like you. Plus a brilliant Grandma. She has been my rock, helping me out with my single mum life & Daisy. She would adore this. Fantastic giveaway. Good luck!Reply

  4. Rachel Craig says:

    I think a picture of a dolphin jumping up out of the sea. As they are beautiful creatures. The water would be calm, blue. It would be nice with the sun in the background.

  5. Sarah Ballantyne says:

    I am a stay-at-home mum but I’ve just started teaching a couple of evening classes. Trying to fit in teaching, some training, prep and marking, the tutoring work I do and the admin I cover for a local charity around the kids is fun but often a tad stressful. This planner would be great for helping me to get organised (we almost forgot a birthday party the kids were invited to last weekend!) and I’d put a photo of our family at the local abbey on to make me smile and feel relaxed.

  6. dogwithnobrain says:

    I have a “photobooth” compilation of myself and the rest of the family… Everyone loves it… I’ve also got the Cat too :-)

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